Her på siden kan du altid læse en masse spændende nyheder.

Some pictures from SKK Ronneby Nordic show yesterday in lovely summer weather (finally!). We only had Meeko entered who did well by going BOB junior, 3BB with R-CC and BEST IN SHOW junior! 🥰

First KC show for Meeko as a junior and she did it!! BEST IN SHOW junior (out of 48!) at SKK Ronneby Nordic show today!! ⭐️⭐️

Owner Therese Kindberg/Maria Kindberg -

Photo Maria Kindberg

Swedish Basenji Specialty show 2023

Kimwitu's Alberte - Meeko

Owner Therese Kindberg/Maria Kindberg

Photos: Maria Kindberg

🌟 She did it again!! 🌟
BEST IN SHOW junior from a very large amount of dogs (57!) at SKK Backamo nat. show 2023!!

Judge: Liz-Beth C. Liljeqvist (SE)
MPBIS SJBIS MJBIS Kimwitu’s Alberte “Meeko”

Owner Therese Kindberg /Maria Kindberg -

Photo: Maria Kindberg