If you judge Basenjis

If you judge Basenjis,the Hound Group and/or Best In Show - PLEASE READ THIS.

When examining a Basenji please NEVER UNCURL THEIR TAIL.

I don’t know why judges find it necessary to uncurl a Basenji’s tail during the examination and I have yet to find a judge that can give a reasonable explanation for doing this.

Nothing in the Basenji standard suggests that the tail should be uncurled during the examination.

In the photos below the judge not only uncurls the tail, but he also pulls it down off the top line (while examining the testicles?).

If the curl of the tail is blocking the croup or tail set, you can run your hand down the top line and under the tail and feel for a dropped off croup.

Or simply step to the other side and look.

Uncurling the tail is not only unnecessary, it can be painful for the dog. Sometimes the bones in tail are fused together (in the middle or at the tip) making it impossible to go completely straight. Trying to uncurl one of these tails is painful for the dog and may cause the dog to snap at you - which you can’t blame the dog for.