Kimwitu's Sweet Vanilla 23.06.2020


Father to be are

Narfi of Swala Pala

Owner: Therese Kindberg, Ander & Kirstin Gryhed

Breeder: Lise Durlot

  • Vanilla dag 11

Photo Therese Kindberg/Maria Kindberg

NO W-19,  CC-winner in Sweden, Denmark & Norway, Cruft qualitied, CACIB-winner, Nordic Winner Narfi of Swala Pala 

Ejere: Therese Kindberg & Anders Gryhed

Opdrætter: Lise Durlot


Kimwitu's Sweet Vanilla

Opdrætter & ejer Kennel Kimwitu's

har parret og vi krydser fingre for hvalpe midt juli 2020.

Tak til Therese Kindberg, Maria Kindberg, Anders og Kerstin Gryhed.


Balance træning

Hvalpe fra januar 2020
Kimwitu’s jazz Music x Lord sinclair of swala pala

Sommerkuld 2020

En af vore tæver er kommet i løbetid så vi planlægger sommerkuld 2020. 

Hvalpene's status vil blive Fanconi Syndrom CLEAR og PRA CLEAR.


One of our bitches are in season so we planning a summer litter.

Both parents are Fanconi Syndrom CLEAR and PRA CLEAR.

After visit

Puppies born 15. January 2020 - 3 boys and 2 girls

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Delicious accessories

Handmade collars and Lines
handmade coats

Nordic Dog Show, Varde 03.08.2019

Judge: Rafael Malo Alcrudo, E

New Danish Champion

Lord Sinclair of Swala Pala BOS - Handling Maria Kvitzau Hull

Breeder: Lise Durlot, France

Owners: A. Nielsen, Therese Kindberg


New Danish Champion

Kimwitu's Milk Chokolate Cupcake BOB 

Breeder: A. Nielsen,

Owners: Breeder and Lise Durlot




If you judge Basenjis, the Hound Group and/or Best In Show - PLEASE READ THIS.

When examining a Basenji please NEVER UNCURL THEIR TAIL.

I don’t know why judges find it necessary to uncurl a Basenji’s tail during the examination and I have yet to find a judge that can give a reasonable explanation for doing this.
Nothing in the Basenji standard suggests that the tail should be uncurled during the examination.

In the photos below the judge not only uncurls the tail, but he also pulls it down off the top line (while examining the testicles?).

If the curl of the tail is blocking the croup or tail set, you can run your hand down the top line and under the tail and feel for a dropped off croup.
Or simply step to the other side and look.

Uncurling the tail is not only unnecessary, it can be painful for the dog. Sometimes the bones in tail are fused together (in the middle or at the tip) making it impossible to go completely straight. Trying to uncurl one of these tails is painful for the dog and may cause the dog to snap at you - which you can’t blame the dog for.


And, feel free to share.

Thank you 🙂

PS - The purpose of this post is not to "call out" the pictured judge, but to educate others who judge our breed.

National dog show 10. June 2019

Lord Sinclair of Swala Pala - bob

breeder: Lise Durlot 

owners: Therese Kindberg, A. Nielsen 


Kimwitu’s Milk Chocolate- Bos

breeder: A. Nielsen 

owners: A. Nielsen,Lise Durlot 

  • Melody - Multi CH. Jasiri-Sukari Pup Music

  • Melody - Kimwitu's Tone

Int. Dog show Ballerup 2018 bis composition
Kimwitu’s Zolotaya BIS 3
Owner Maria Kindberg, Therese Kindberg

Very cold inside
Int. Dog show Ballerup 2018 bis composition
Kimwitu’s Zolotaya BIS 3
Owner Therese Kindberg, Maria Kindberg