Fee for reservation

When we have approved the puppy buyer for the purchase of a puppy, a reservation fee of 300€ is paid -

The reservation fee is deducted from the purchase price upon delivery of the puppy.

A puppy is not considered reserved until the fee is paid.

The fee is the puppy buyer's guarantee that we will not sell the puppy to another party and our guarantee that the interest and reservation is real. When registering the payment, we confirm the reservation with the puppy buyer/payer by email.

If the puppy buyer later changes his mind, thus canceling the reservation/purchase, the reservation fee will not be returned. An exception, however, is if we cancel the reservation/purchase.

Purchase contract

When you bring your puppy home, it includes:

DKK Pedigree
First vaccination, (buyer arranges re-vaccination when the puppy is 12 weeks old).
Microchipped and registered in the Danish Kennel Club
Worm treated
Health check by the vet with accompanying health book
Dry food is included

We always encourage puppy buyers to read the purchase contract carefully before signing.
If there is something you do not understand, but which you would like to elaborate on or something which is unclear or which you do not agree with, bring it up before you sign.

The contract is binding when both have signed it.