Multi CH, Int. CH Jasiri-Sukari Pup Music.
(Ch Meisterhaus Politically Correct x Ch Jasiri-Sukari Soda Pup)

Born: 02.12.2004
Import from USA

Eyestest d. 30/9 2005 in USA - Clear
Eyestest d. 6/5 2008 in Denmark - PPM
Eyestest d. 29/9 2009 in Denmark - PPM

DNA tested Clear of HA (Hemolytic Anemia)
Genotypically Clear of Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency

Probably Carrier of Fanconi Syndrome

Ch Meisterhaus Politically Correct
Ch Meisterhaus Egoiste'
Ch Jasiri-Sukari Juri Maguire
Ch Undercover Bojak's Caitlan
Ch Undercover Natural Grace

Ch Bojak's Undercover Kojak

Ch Undercover Starlet Rusty
Ch Jasiri-Sukari Soda Pup
Ch Jasiri-Sukari Juri Seinfeld
Ch Sukari's Spot The Target
Ch Jasiri's Jurassic Bark
Ch Jasiri-Sukari Taboo
Ch Sukari's Spot The Target
Ch Jasiri-Sukari First In Lines